January 31, 2009

Contest Registration

Registration for the First Contest of 2009 will be open from 4PM EST until Sunday, February 1st at midnight. We are leaving a large window because of the Super Bowl, people getting ready for that, and it's the weekend.

To register simply leave a comment saying you're in, or something like that and we will write your name down for Monday.

Don't miss your chance to win one of ten FREE cards from us on Monday at 3PM EST.


  1. Count me in too, thanks.

  2. I'll just loiter around here for another 3 hours and 18 minutes and then insert my name for the contest.

  3. LOL, OK OK relax you're in. I was just giving enough time for people that weren't around immediately to stop by.

    Sadly, I may be here loitering for that long. =/

  4. If you're still there loitering , I'm in too !

  5. In like Flynn, I am.
    In on a boat.
    In on a float.
    In like a rope.
    In like soap.
    Then I win
    I hope.

  6. You put that Posada up and expect me to not be in? Sign me up ladies!

  7. I'm in, or something like that and you will write my name down for Monday.

    I won't miss my chance to win one of ten FREE cards from you on Monday at 3PM EST.

  8. YSL man from Singapore...I'M IN


  9. heck, why not.
    Count me in. :)

  10. Hi. Count me in. And good work on the Facebook group also. It's nice to have safe places online!

  11. hope I still made it in!