January 12, 2009

The Best Way to Get Paid Back

As you know from Sooz's blog about her Mariano signed picture, when you spend money at BC Sports stores you earn credit towards a memorabilia purchase later on. Every $250 spent on cards/wax gets your $25 back. I racked up $150 in credit (though there was $175, it did not post in time), and spent it in the best way possible. Without any more suspense I give you.... an Albert Pujols signed picture.

The original price of this glorious item was $299.99, however the store was running a sale where all memorabilia was 30% off. Which brought it down to $210, and with my $150 credit, it only cost me about $78 bucks with tax. It is a 16" x 20" framed picture signed by Albert. Obviously since I live in New York the items in the store are mostly Yankees, and a couple of Mets. I already have the few Yankees autos that I would want (which I will show off sometime), and honestly even if I didn't I would have bought a Pujols something or other since I will probably never afford that at full price with a clear conscience.

I have to admit, I would argue with anyone about him being one of the best (as good as A-Rod) with the stats he puts up year in and year out. Pujols has a career BA of .334, .425 OBP, .624 SLG, and on average only 55 SO's per season (except his rookie year). You don't ever see an A-Rod rookie card sell for this much, sadly A-Rod sells for about half that amount. How sick is that?

I haven't hung this up yet because I have no clue where I want it. I have a tremendous amount of baseball cards things and clutter all over the place that need to get moved so I can place this somewhere I can stare at it.


  1. Very nice! Finally, a picture of Pujols in fielding position where you don't have to stare at his....uh..yeah....

  2. That's a great item, the only thing is - it kinda looks like the autograph is coming out of Pujols' you-know-what...

  3. Dave,
    You beat me to it.

    Very nice auto, although I think I would like to see a larger sig on that size picture. Just a personal pref.

  4. C'mon, everyone was thinking it :)

  5. I love the picture itself, but I do agree that it looks like it's coming out of his you know what, and the signature could be bigger, but I'm not sure I would like a huge signature. Sometimes bigger sigs look different form their normal.