January 18, 2009

Another Trade Complete

Earlier in the week I got in a ton of bubble mailers for trades. Some of them were written about already, then I got card show and fantasy baseball side-tracked. The final trade I want to note is from Peter at Dropped 3rd Strike. I had sent him some Goudey and Masterpieces to help him get closer to completing some sets, and he sent me I think 3 or 4 YSL cards, a Pujols M&M /25, 2 Pujols Documentary cards, and a Tulo M&M /150. Great trade for me!!! I love getting bubble mailers.

I love getting bubble mailers so much that I invite you to e-mail me to trade. It's alot more fun opening an envelope full of Albert, than anything else. I am currently at 421 Pujols cards, not including 2007/2008 Moments & Milestones (which I said I would do 2008 this weekend). I am working on getting to 500 Pujols cards by the end of the year, which is very possible with the way I spend money I don't have.

Read, comment, e-mail... I have a ton of cards I want to get rid of for Albert.

P.S. Just a random card from my collection to admire or snarl at, whatever.

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  1. Hi Marie,

    I saw a post on the eTopps message boards I thought you'd find interesting.

    Plus a couple of photos involving Pujols wouldn't turn you away, I imagine.

    If you're having trouble seeing them in the message post, you can find them here and here.