January 23, 2009


I was going to go to Shoprite because I had 4 singles in my wallet and they have a vending machine of baseball cards.

Rather than do that I decided to beat up on my car, floor it then drift, skid and slide my way home. Now the whole neighborhood smells like burnt rubber, but I still have my 4 dollars.

Be back shortly with a normal blog. Just wanted to show people I have a little self control sometimes, not sure if tearing it up in the car equates to self control though.

Anyone buy anything today? I got a sweet trade to talk about later.


  1. I went to KMART (walmart has no selection and no markdown) to buy my 40% off 2008 Goudey's and they were gone....major bummer, I really liked those cards. I just started buying cards 2 weeks ago after 15+ years... yep I fell off the wagon. Anyway, I have not seen the Allen & Ginter or Topps Heritage that seem to be loved by everyone, so I have to go with what I can get to get my fix. So I bought some Upper Deck series 1 and 2 combo pack blasters with 180 cards for 10.99 and 2 blasters of Sp authentic for 10.99 as well. I guess I will work on those sets.

  2. I went to Kmart as well. Bought a Stadium Club blaster. Got redemption-carded. My first one (yeah, I'm a newbie). It's on my blog. Nothing earth-shaking.

  3. Thanks to both of you I have an itch to go to K-Mart. Perhaps I will drag myself there tomorrow at some point.