January 10, 2009

2009 Hall of Fame Candidate Tribute

In honor of the balloting about to take place for the Baseball Hall of Fame (the same place we are supposed to go on an adventure soon), I thought I might showcase a card or two from the candidates. I would probably be willing to trade this card, but it would have to be for something pretty sweet, and very Pujols. (I would settle for Cano.)

The first card is a 2005 Fleer Classic Clippings Don Mattingly Game Used Jersey Card

The funny thing about the older game used jersey cards is they were a heck of a lot thinner back then, they are only slightly bigger than a regular card.

Donnie Baseball was a long time Yankee favorite, team captain, and a gritty first basemen. Most people my age idolized him (even Mark Teixeira), and if you ask most of those people who their favorite Yankee all time is, some will still say Donnie. For whatever reason, I don't share in this affection for him. I liked him, don't get me wrong, but he just wasn't my guy. I hope he gets in the HOF so Yankee fans can stop debating why he isn't in, and why he does or doesn't deserve to be. Not just that, but I like to see Yankees get in especially one that I grew up watching.


  1. Nice card , but I'm not a particular fan either. Have you been to the HOF before ? A couple summers ago the four of us went for a week. Our two boys and I bought memberships ( three trips into the museum more than pays for the membership ) which give you unlimited access to the museum.We went in all five days , at least for a while , to get 5 different tickets. We had been there before but the boys were very small. Have fun !!

  2. Hmm, willing to trade the card...I'll have to rummage through my very small collection of Pujols cards and see what I can manage.

  3. I'm as big of a Mattingly fan as anyone, but I don't think he was great enough for a long enough period of time to be a Hall of Famer. And there's no way that he'd still be on the ballot if he played in Kansas City instead of New York.

  4. I absolutely agree with Dave on Mattingly. And Mattingly was always one of the Yankees I didn't mind. There's no way anyone would be talking about him and the HOF if he played for another team.

    (If you want a good perspective on this, read Bill James' book on the Hall of Fame, particularly the part about the induction of Phil Rizzuto into the Hall of Fame. James does a good job of breaking down Rizzuto's career. The player Rizzuto most resembles in the history of baseball? JIM GANTNER. No one but no one believes Jim Gantner belongs in the Hall of Fame).

  5. I agree with both of you. He was a great player, but I never understood peoples arguments as to why he NEEDS to be in the HOF.