January 17, 2009

2009 Fantasy Baseball

I have read everyone's suggestions and I will be making a better general idea of it out later so we can continue to hammer out the details.

So far 12 teams seems like the ideal cap for everyone, so that is set. I will lay out the options later and we will work on this some more. We're leaning more towards points/roto style. $20 per team, seems fine with everyone and one suggestion that made sense was to add $5 each team for PayPal fees, and shipping out the prizes if we vote on prizes, and for running the league. I don't mind running it for free, however I think the Paypal fees and shipping are fair, or the winners pay shipping at the end.

I'll be back around 7 or 8 with a better thought process, but feel free to add on to this while I'm out.


  1. Well, there are no PayPal fees if people pay from a checking account. Also, the box for the winner(s) could be ordered on a Thursday from D&A Card World so that the shipping will be free.

    I think that prizes for just 1st and 2nd place are enough. A $20 prize for 3rd place just refunds the money that person paid to join the league. It's like winning $1 from a $1 lottery ticket - just a waste.

  2. Right now these are the teams that have responded with an interest in joining, and will get first chance.

    - A Cardboard Problem
    - psad21
    - ny_hitman23 (if he wants, he never specified)
    - Grand Cards
    - Fielder's Choice
    - PunkRock
    - Captain Canuck
    - Todd Uncommon
    - thenennthinning
    - madding
    - Fan Of Reds
    - Bad Wax
    - Fat Cat

    I like Dave's point about just first and second, and free shipping from DAC works for me.

  3. I'm in. 12 teams sounds good. $20 is fine with me. Let me know when/where to send the money. Thanks!

    Does D&A really have free shipping on Thursday? I didn't know that!