January 20, 2009

2009 Fantasy Baseball Teams

As of right now from the first post, these were the first 12 interested people and first chance to join goes to them. Please confirm if you are in or out, and I will get e-mails out to tell you how to pay, then the next step will be setting up a draft date so that everyone can be home or at least prepare their draft order if they can not be there live. If you are no longer interested, please let me know so that I can ask the next person who responded.

- A Cardboard Problem
- psad21
- ny_hitman23 (if he wants, he never specified)
- Grand Cards
- Fielder's Choice
- PunkRock
- Captain Canuck
- Todd Uncommon
- thenennthinning
- madding
- Fan Of Reds
- Bad Wax
- Fat Cat