January 1, 2009

2009 Cardboard Problem

As my first official post of 2009, I would like to wish you all a happy and healthy new year filled with cardboard (and hopefully some of it has Albert Pujols on it for trades).

For those of you who thought from the blog that I would cave and buy something first in 2009, you lost. For once, it wasn't me in Target spending money on stuff. Normally, I am the one to bet on as far as wasting money because I seem to hate money, not on purpose but it just appears that way. However, temptation was presenting itself bright and early on this New Years Day.

I left for work early for 2 reasons, to get breakfast and stop into Target. Obviously, I should not have been in Target because I swore off packs and blasters until the 2009 releases, but there I was ready to burn a $20. At any rate, they had nothing as usual and I ended up talking to a customer of my store for a bit about cards. I left with nothing (Eat it Sooz!), and kept my money all toasty in the bank.

You should all realize that this will change as soon as my store runs another sale, Target gets something cool, or the next card show. Either way you cut it, this resolution will be in the toilet by Jan 17, guaranteed.

My other resolution, I won't have a problem sticking to because I am addicted. So it will be back to the gym hardcore after a rather lazy week of on and off working out and eating EVERYTHING in sight.

Let me know if you bought something today, I like hearing about cool card people pulled or great deals. I will also try and post some sort of break later tonight or tomorrow for your reading and viewing pleasure.


  1. I bought some hobby packs of A&G today (one shark). But that's not the exciting part. The exciting part is I found that the collectibles shop in my neighborhood has upgraded its card offerings significantly. I'm glad keeping to a budget wasn't a New Year's resolution.