January 13, 2009

2003 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Pack

I was bored. That's my defense. Well, and it was half price, so for $1.50 I figure I would see what I get. The answer is not much. My intention on going to the store I went to was to see if there were any 2001 packs in the half price box, and there were Topps Chrome and Topps Series 2. I was unsure what the price for just the Pujols card would be by itself, so I decided against buying packs. The Chrome was 4 cards per pack, and $2 per pack. The Series 2 was the same price for 10 cards. I did buy 2 packs of Series 2 and got air.

Here are a couple of cards I pulled from the 2003 Jumbo pack:

-13 Team picture cards were at the front of this pack.

-Joe Mauer/Justin Morneau Prospect card (made the pack an instant success since I love Joe Mauer)

I scanned a couple of the better cards (not sure why the left side of all of them is cropped), the rest were nothing to write home about.

I was going to go back to that store at some point to possibly pick up some Chrome packs, but I figure I won't get the card anyway so it would probably make more sense to just buy the one card either on eBay or at the card show Friday.

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