January 6, 2009

The $180 Million Dollar Man

Look out Yankee fans.... The Yankees have announced that Teixeira's introduction will be today at 1pm. He has gone through the customary physical and now is ready to play with the big boys in the Bronx. Now let's just hope that he can hit in October because he can hit all day and night the rest of the season, with no one on base, or up by 100 runs like some other people- just smash that ball in the playoffs. Yes, I realize he has to hit the rest of the season to get to the playoffs.


  1. This is the move I've really wanted all along. I know CC is great and AJ is, well whatever he is. But the Yanks haven't had a really solid first baseman since Tino Martinez. And it tickles me to death that his boyhood idol is Don Mattingly and wore #23 when he was with the Rangers. I'm really looking forward to rooting for him.

  2. I agree with you there, the fact that he idolizes Mattingly and grew up wanting to be him is a big plus for me as well. I just want to see him make things happen, I'm all for cheering for him.

    Besides, I already have like 30 pages of Teixiera cards in my binder all ready to move into their new home in the Yankees binder. (Yay, a project... snarl)