December 18, 2008

White Sox Cards Wins Pack Give Away!

I didn't think the question was all that easy, however Sooz would beg to differ. White Sox Cards was the first correct answer today, and won a free pack of 2008 UD Documentary to be sent out ASAP.

I'm too sleepy right now to try and string sentences together, but I am eagerly awaiting a trade with Dave from the Fielder's Choice blog as well as Cards in The Attic aka Aardvark Trading Co. Sent out their packages yesterday (I think it was yesterday), and am hoping to see my stuff Saturday or Monday.

I haven't been to my mailbox in days, I got one of those Keurig one cup coffee makers and haven't needed to go buy coffee near the post office since. I have also changed my blood type to Green Mountain as a result. Look for some caffeine induced random blogs on days where I didn't work.

Back tomorrow after work probably with some ridiculous waste of money story.

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