December 26, 2008

What Santa Sooz Brought To Me

Hooray!!! It was another smashing present from Sooz, even though she didn't deliver Pujols himself, it was close enough. She got me a Cardinals Pujols t-shirt, which I will wear almost daily, the 25th Anniversary Edition of 'A Christmas Story', which is pretty much one of 3 favorites, a Spongebob making muscles like I do, and BASEBALL CARDS! Really, what kind of gifts would we be exchanging if there wasn't at least one card somewhere in the mix? Here are the cards I got:

- 2003 Donruss Studio Albert Pujols Big League Challenge GU Jersey

- 2007 Topps Russ Martin All Star Game Stitches GU Jersey

She was also kind enough to bring me some YSL's, a Pujols Die Cut UDx to get me one card away from completing that set, a Pujols SP Authentic- Authentic Achievements, and a few Russ Martin's, and a Cano Stadium Club First Day Issue (which do not exist in Beckett unless they are serial numbered).

Perhaps you will soon read of what Sooz left here with, and whether or not her boyfriend is still speaking to me. Thanks Sooz for all the great stuff, and for spending some time here today.

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