December 21, 2008

What I Learned from 2008 Baseball Cards

10. Topps Series 1 always, always, always SUCKS. I say this, yet we pre-ordered a case because I am confident this year it won't. Every year I swear it off, and every year there I am like a schmuck on the day of release waiting to flush my cash.

9. Topps Heritage is fun. While you don't get much in terms of a bunch of auto's or game-used cards the cards are fun to break with all the SP's and variations. I particularly am fond of this one for whatever reason.

8. Yankee Stadium Legacy will be a life long pursuit at this point. I knew going into this whole thing that it was going to take some time, however after roughly a year I have about 650 cards (some laying around un-logged as usual), and I am barely to 10% complete. Good luck to me.

7. Blasters are my friend. When you have enough cash to buy a few packs, but not a hobby box these bad boys are the best. It's the fun of opening a whole box, with the bonus promise of a GU card in every box, or a bonus pack. Granted, I am not one of those people that pulls "MOJO" from a blaster, it scratches the itch.

6. Starting a business on eBay is not as profitable when the economy is rapidly on the decline, the President is a bozo, and people are just not spending.

5. Upper Deck Goudey was both fun to break, and profitable by a narrow margin. 'Nuff said.

4. FVF a.k.a. Final Value Fees can suck it. Never, ever list cards on eBay for auction unless you are going to pull significant cash on them because in the end, it eats your profits.

3. "Short Print" is no joke, and is a mild understatement to say the least. When you collect Pujols or Jeter and it takes 18 boxes to get 2, they are not kidding. Good job by us collecting these two.

2. Target is THE BEST place. 2008 Stadium Club Blasters is all I am going to say because really, the rest of what you can get there is just a bonus.

1. Good friends buy cards, or trade cards. Best friends get you Albert Pujols Triple Relic Auto's.

I finally obtained a "centerpiece" card to my Pujols collection, and it finally feels well rounded, and it "completed" it (and me, sadly or happily).