December 9, 2008

Trade with White Sox Cards

I checked my mailbox today and found the package I have been waiting for. Steve from White Sox Cards and myself had set up a trade a week or so ago. I was sending him a whole bunch of Topps Heritage High Series in exchange for 9 Yankee Stadium Legacy cards that I needed. I was more than pleasantly surprised when I went through all the surprises he included for me.

Here is what I got: YSL cards 959, 1446, 1923, 2353, 3014, 3720, 3797, 5195, and 6003

My surprises were so much fun, I scanned every one of them to show what a great trade this was, so here they are:

It has been alot of fun trading on here thus far and I am definitely eager to get more trades in the works. It makes everyone enjoy their cards that much more when you don't necessarily have to buy a hundred packs for a Pujols card, but can trade for someone who doesn't care for it so much.

It truly is a wonder that we all survived before the internet.


  1. I'm glad you liked the "surprises" that I put in. I hope there was at least one that you needed. If not, there's still the YSL cards.

    It's been a pleasure trading with you. I hope we can trade again soon.

  2. Definitely! Hoard up some more YSL cards, and I am going to break this Heritage box soon enough.