December 21, 2008

Too Much Time on My Hands

I went to the mall early today, good thing because there was traffic in every aisle. With more than enough time to spare after running the one errand I had, I marched my butt to Target so I could rummage around.

4 2008 Sweet Spot Tins priced at $29.99 - No thanks. No need for a crappy $30 auto. (I mean I am going to get crap, if someone else bought it I am sure it would be major "MOJO")

2008 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects... unsearched as it seemed. Until I got to them. I won't lie, I bought only the thicker looking packs with no shame (shut up) for leaving the lonely thinner ones behind. I'll take my chances on a GU card since the Futures Game was at Yankee Stadium, I wouldn't mind a few of those.

I had $43 (yes, an odd amount) set aside for the last gift I had to buy for Christmas. Now I have $20, and that person will be fine since it's dear old Dad. I could get him toothpaste and he'd be happy, so we both will get a present now which makes me happy. (I will break these tomorrow while I'm again not at the gym *read: eating crap* due to a frickin Blizzard.)

Once I sort all these Documentary cards I will need places to send these. If you have a team preference, as well as Pujols cards please let me know.

Stay tuned....


  1. i would love any dodgers documentary cards!

  2. Sure, shoot me an e-mail and let me know if you have any Pujols cards. I have a couple of gold Dodgers also.

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