December 12, 2008

Target's Stadium Club Frenzy

Well, it seems as though I have created an interesting topic around these parts. I made an attempt bright and early (noon) to head up to the Target that I originally discovered this $2.99 bargain at, only to find air. They had 2008 Sweet Spot tins for $29.99 though, I didn't buy one. Then I traveled to the one in the mall I am in everyday, and they had nothing which I knew would happen.

Here is where my day gets pathetic. After the gym I decide to try and get myself to another Target that is about 20 miles away. After sitting in traffic, and getting lost I finally find it. I found one box for $2.99, and checked the sku's on the packs and they are not the same. I had suspected that was what the problem or party was, but it's not. Then sat in more traffic on my way home, and ended up driving a total of 45 miles to spend $3.20.

Sooz picked up 3 at one Target and 1 at another today in South Jersey. I picked up mine in North Jersey (or the third ring of hell).

The things we do for cardboard.

If anyone that has picked these up wants to post what they got, feel free to throw it in the comments if you got something great. And even more so, feel free to throw me some Pujols cards for the sweet tip off, since I have yet to get one.


  1. I can tell you what happened as I used to work at a grocery store. Someone actually enters the prices into the system in a computer in the back. There's a spot in the program where you type in the sku and a spot where you enter the price and then hit save. Someone goofed and typed 2.99 instead of 29.99 or whatever it's supposed to be. You would be shocked for how long this can go unnoticed. The only ones that ever got corrected where I worked was when someone got OVERcharged and those got fixed pretty quick as you could imagine. But I know we had wrong prices stuck in there for months. It sounds dumb but when you take a cart back of new product every day to put in the system you tend to fall asleep while doing it. Especially typing in those long ass skus god I hated those which is why sometimes at checkout something won't scan and they have to do a price check. Yep. They mistyped the sku by one number so it's not in there dude.

  2. I actually had to go back to the mall tonight to pick up my check and Target had 6 boxes of stuff in the card aisle.... The crazy person I am opened 3 to see if they were in there, and they weren't. By the time I left around 10:30pm they still hadn't opened the others and I didn't feel like getting yelled at in there so I left.