December 9, 2008

Target and Blasters...

Clearly you all know that we have some serious issues buying things all the time, we have established that. However, this time I can't even get mad at myself for this purchase.

I was wandering around the mall with a friend of mine looking for a birthday present for a 1 year old, and we ended up in Modells looking for little Yankees outfits. I spotted a 2008 Timeline blaster, still $24.99 with the promise of 1 memorabilia card in every box. Despite that promise, I decided that I am not paying more than $19.99 for a blaster, and mustered the courage to leave empty handed. On to Target we went (the second Target of the day mind you)...

In Target I see 2008 Timeline blasters for $14.99, and I think perfect just a little something to get me through the day. I continue to rummage and find a 2008 Topps Stadium Club blaster for $19.99, sweet! I carry these around and pick up a pack of gum, and a bottle of shampoo and proceed to checkout. The cashier scans all my stuff, and says, "$23.15, please". Yeah, $23.15. I was like ummm.... sure. I swiped my card, paid, and then proceeded to dance to the car. My Stadium Club blaster rang up for $2.99!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Target for using the same bar code for packs and blasters... YEAH!! I win.

I didn't open them yet. Sooz and I smashed a 2007 hobby box of Bowman Heritage, 2 2008 UD Masterpieces blasters, and I got my Pujols card.

The 2 blasters were pretty sad, and the Heritage was sad also. I did however, get a Pujols base card from the Heritage that I didn't have so that worked out well, and Sooz got a couple of cards she wanted out of it. The blasters had a couple of things that I'll post later on with the interesting cards from the Heritage box.


  1. Target rocks! I just got the last four blasters at the store nearest my office. Total with tax: $12.68
    For 32 packs!!!

  2. Oh. That's awesome.

    Why so cheap? How can I get that deal?

  3. They must be ringing up for $2.99 everywhere. I am going back to the one I got the $2.99 one from tomorrow. The one in the mall I work at doesn't have any I checked today.

  4. Thanks for the tip! Same deal in New Mexico where I picked up a dozen blasters.