December 19, 2008

Snow Day (Not) Fun With 08 UD Documentary

Lucky for me I ended up taking home the keys to the store last night by accident, forcing me to go there this morning before the snow started. I dragged my mom so she could pick up a Yankees wreath at 50% off, and for my good deed I bought another pack of 08 UD Documentary to make up for the pack I opened last night. (Issues, I know.)

These suck. Flat out suck. I like that for the money I get 15 cards, thats about it. Makes me feel like I go so much, when really all I got was crap.

I got 1 Pujols card in 5 packs, not one Yankee card. I also pulled my first White Sox card in 9 packs (Yes, it's all yours Steve). I got 2 YSL cards, a Guidry and Mattingly, and an All-Star game Fukudome card (no recollection of him playing in it, but then again I was sitting there for 18 innings so a lot of things went in and out of my brain that night).

I scanned some cards to make the blog look like this was fun. The gold cards that I got were scanned, except for the pack from last night since you all already know who that was.

Now I sit here with one hobby box, 2 blasters, a box of hazelnut coffee cups for my Keurig, and no desire to go to the basement and workout. I want to take a snow day on gym activities since I am always good about that, however I was planning on taking tomorrow off. Bah.

I will end up sitting on my ass playing with cards until I have to move. There is about 4"-5" of snow outside now, and the party I was supposed to go to later will probably have to go on without me since the road I need to take to get there is covered, and my brother is now sitting on that road for well over an hour trying to get home. (That hour plus should be 4 minutes tops.)

So feel free to comment, e-mail, etc. I am sitting here horsing around bored.


  1. What's the deal with that Derek Lowe card? For the last two years, card companies always show him pitching in San Francisco.

    Then I see the game was actually against the Braves, the Braves won, and the card topic is about a catcher. Huh?

  2. I feel like UD just uses the same shots of players from different angles or zooms in or out on most cards these days.

    LOL, I honestly didn't even read that until you pointed it out that they weren't even playing them that day.

    Add that to the list of reasons UD can eat it.

    Anything interest you from this set?

  3. Cool! Another White Sox card! Thanks! :)

  4. Not really. Now that I read some of the other cards, the write-ups on the front don't necessarily go with who is pictured on the front. That's disappointing (but understandable -- I would imagine that'd be a pain in the ass for UD to do).

    I collect sets and this set is impossible to collect, so I'd just look for Dodgers

  5. Night Owl, e-mail me I have some gold Dodgers and regular from this set I'd be willing to trade.

  6. When there was a coming attraction at the movies for what was clearly going to be a crummy film, my dad used to mutter, "thanks for the warning." I would just like to say in regard to 08 UD Documentary, "thanks for the warning."

  7. I ended up at the party, opened nothing, didn't work out, and ate a lot of cookies.

    Tomorrow is a new day. Christmas will be baseball card heaven.