December 17, 2008

Sale on Cards at BC Sports and Trivia Contest

Just to let anyone who lives near a BC Sports store know that the whole store is on sale. All cards are 20% off, Jerseys 20% off, signed stuff is 20% off also.

The other stuff is a greater discount for the most part, like holiday stuff, mugs, glasses, etc.

I plan on buying something useless at some point.

Speaking of useless, here is a trivia question that I like to get people with:

Where was Pee Wee Herman's bike supposed to be when they stole it in the movie?

First correct answer gets a free 2008 pack of UD Documentary.

(Offer excludes Sooz who thought she could win.)


  1. It was supposed to be outside the magic shop where he left it chained up. But then Francis had someone steal it. And it wasn't there anymore and Pee Wee flipped. And then the fortune teller lied and made up the thing about the basement of the Alamo. And then Pee-Wee went on a wild goose chase and met the escaped convict, Large Marge, the girl who wanted to go to Paris and a monkey who helps him save all the animals in a burning pet shop. And it was made into a move where Pee Wee had an awesome cameo appearance. And he bikes away with Dottie in the end.

    I've watched this movie a couple of times, can you tell?

  2. You forgot the scary rotating clown statue, the biker bar and the bull riding.


  3. Oh yeah... and Twisted Sister and Godzilla!

  4. ding ding ding! Winner winner chicken dinner! Well, pack winner.

    Congrats to Steve from White Sox cards for winning our first contest. Sooz said the question was too easy, however I don't run into many people that know the answer.

    At any rate, I was going to purchase your prize tonight but my boss closed the registers while I was closing the gate. I will pick up the prize tomorrow and have it in the mail on Friday!

    I am also picking up a pack for myself for doing a good job blogging, lol.