December 16, 2008

Response from Upper Deck (YSL Set)

I honestly hate Upper Deck at this particular moment in time. After 2 e-mails about the Yankee Stadium Legacy set exclusive to QVC, I got no where basically. This is what I sent them:

"This is the second time I am sending this since your company can not seem to find time to send me an e-mail or attempt to rectify the problem.

To Whom It May Concern;

I have recently purchased your Yankee Stadium Legacy Limited Edition box set from QVC and I am extremely disappointed and annoyed with this set. I am a very avid collector of the subset featured in your 2008 product (currently close to 700 cards), and a big baseball card collector so I thought that this would be a great addition to my collection, especially with the advertisement of getting a great "superstar" game used jersey or bat card in every box. The set itself is disappointing in that the sequence of events is not chronological like any other set would be, they are all over the place. The other thing is the game used cards are of who? That was a real kick in the teeth opening this $35.00 box to find a game used jersey and bat card of no one. For all the money I spend on baseball cards, this was by far the biggest waste of my hard earned money and the most disappointing thing to have waited 2 months for.

I expect better things from Upper Deck given your track record in the industry. The jersey cards are really making me very upset and disheartened to the point where I may not purchase anything for a while.


Here is their garbage reply, which by the way is 23 days later:

"Hello Marie

Unfortunately, we do not know who those cards are of as that set was made specially for QVC and they are supposed to have all pertinent information for those cards. We have our own boxed set as well as out 6500 card set for the Yankee collection which we have full details on. Those mem cards were special additions to the QVC only set. Thank you

Upper deck

On top of that saying absolutely nothing pertinent to the original problem, who ever wrote this doesn't even know how many cards are in their own product line. Last time I checked the YSL set is well over 6500 cards, but thanks for playing.

They got this from me, and then I am closing the books on this one since I am talking to a bunch of morons:

"How did your company produce a set of "game-used cards" and have no idea where the material came from? What exactly is it that you certified on them? QVC didn't certify where they came from, Upper Deck did. "

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