December 22, 2008

Player collectors, Come on in!

I'm looking to expand my Jeter collection, ever so slightly. While I have over 1,000 cards, Jeter is so popular that I am missing so much more.

So here's my offer for you player collectors out there. I have loads of baseball cards of just about every player. I have boxes full of them, and the cards are already sorted by player.

If you're interested in a trade, let me know. Either email me or leave a comment and we can negotiate.


  1. I'll gladly swap you for some Steve Finley cards...

    - Kris

  2. Kris, I have a list of Finley cards that I have.

    Shoot me an email yanxchick (at)

  3. I have tons of Jeter for trade. Hook me up with Andrew Miller and Jose Canseco, if you have any.

  4. I have a good amount of Canseco cards. Probably only a handful of Andrew Miller though.

    When I get home from work later, I will email you with my lists of what I have.


  5. Sweet!!! If you got any relics try to scan them.

    Here's a sample of Jeters I have available.

    I have a LOT more of that if you're interested.

  6. Dude, be careful with Jeter scans like that you might make her pass out. LOL