December 15, 2008

Piles and Piles of Cards

Am I the only person that is constantly opening packs, blasters, boxes, etc. and just piles them up and swears they will get logged in and put away later and never does? I am trying very hard to sort my desk out, and it is just not going well. I want to open more blasters but I am out of room.

I just logged the Pujols cards that have been sitting here, and I am now up to 354. Hardly seems like much in comparison to how many cards are out there of him. I have most of his 2008 cards, and 2007. What I am really interested in trading for are his earlier cards, not just rookies.

I logged in the YSL cards that were here bringing that total to 638 for now... I found a seller on Beckett with a great deal of them for 90 cents, so I bought every one that I didn't have, which was roughly 30 cards.

Cleaning this up is like a never ending project. I'm not really sure if I want to log in the cards I don't want for the sake of knowing what I have available for trades, or just label the boxes and look when asked.

Any suggestions on how to organize the trade pile? (Please say it will be fast.)


  1. I can tell you what NOT to do...

    With exception of new sets I am working on, I have alphabetized my entire collection which saves me tons of time when I am searching for cards to get autographed.

    But when it comes to locating cards to trade, well, my method sucks because the majority of want lists only include card numbers they need.

  2. I've been lucky enough, since getting back into collecting, to find collectors of all but three teams, so I've been able to ship most of my stuff off to them. I now have a 900-count box to accumulate teams in; once one team starts getting full, I buy a smaller 200-count, and mail it off. Speaking of which, I have Braves and Rockies to send out tomorrow, as well as a Christmas gift for you.

  3. A Christmas gift?! Ohhh I knew I was going to like blogging and making new friends.

    I may do that, and put them all in one box for the time being. I have most of the better players and all rookies in alphabetical order, so to find players is fairly easy but people looking to complete sets is harder to locate sometimes.

    Thanks for the tip Eric =)

  4. It can be a real pain, trying to log every new card that comes in. Somehow, I've managed to avoid having piles and piles of cards on my desk -- although I could very easily revert to that!

  5. I am trying slowly to log the players I collect into Beckett, and put the rest in their respected binders as I can, but when you continue to buy more than you are willing to clean up, you end up with the nightmare that is my desk. I should post a picture of these headquarters.