December 20, 2008

Pettitte Mailday

While I collect mostly Jeter and Kouzmanoff, there are a few players who still hold a nice little soft spot in my heart and know exactly how to dig into my wallet.

So one day last week I decided to look for some Andy Pettitte cards on eBay.

I am thrilled with my gains. My boyfriend just rolls his eyes at me.

Here are the results:

A nice litte red (brown? maroon?) jersey to go with the Astros.

This is my favorite. It's how I always picture him when I think about him -- in pinstripes. Plus, I like the stripe in the card, even if it is on the edge.

This is a good looking card as well I do enjoy the Allen & Ginter designs with the mini cards inside the cellophane thingy.

The other three cards I won in a Pettitte jersey lot. This last card I got in a 21-card lot of Pettitte cards. This was the only spicey (game-used) card in the mix. The other cards, I put in my binder to add to my humble card collection.


  1. Ahhhhhh, so you're the one bidding against me on Pettitte auctions! Nice looking acquisitions!

  2. I think that Astro's color is supposed to be brick red, as in the new stadium is build of bricks.

    I like the Turkey Red card. I never saw one of those.