December 8, 2008

My first Albert Pujols Auto.... Dual GU/AU

Sooz came over today as planned to do dinner and hang out for my upcoming birthday, and she brought me a present and even cards! (The greeting kind.) I also got 2 giant bottle of Wawa Diet Lemonade Tea, which is my favorite. I could sit here and list at least a hundred reasons why Sooz is my best friend. But, I am going to use just two words that say it all: Albert Pujols.

Here is the best birthday present anyone could have ever given me:
A 2008 Topps Stadium Club Triumvirate Albert Pujols Triple Relic Autograph, 36/99

The card also came in a clever Chinese food type box, which made me smile because I like steamed Chinese food very much. This was the best birthday present anyone has ever given me. I thought I had a great blog all set up for today, but once I saw Sooz that blog will be for tomorrow because this trumps all. I have been smiling from ear to ear.


  1. Ahh, I'm jealous! Even though I'm not much of a fan of small photos on cards or those silly foil sticker things...

  2. I absolutely love this card. I have it propped up in front of my screen just to look at when I want. Definitely my favorite card out of every one in my collection.