December 23, 2008

Mail Day!

OK, first off let me start by saying I haven't been to my P.O. Box in days, so if you sent me anything, I will know what I got tomorrow when I get over there. This mail day was to my house, and I can't have any of it. Boo. My dad wanted to pick out some cards for me for Christmas but I told him to let me do it instead so he doesn't buy Topps Updates and Highlights. Since it was for Christmas, you will all have to wait to see what it is when I open it Christmas morning. I shall take a picture of the cardboard debacle after present time.

What I did want to make mention of is that I purchased them from Dave & Adams Card World, and they sent not only my 3 free packs of 07 UD Elements for spending over $100, but a $10 off coupon for January, as well as a scratch off to win more $ off, and I got $5 off on that. Oh, let me not forget they also have free shipping.

When people want to know what makes a hobby business or card shop thrive, it is things like that. They take the time, despite most people probably not being able to spend more money in January, or the rest of us who don't even need an incentive to pick up an extra hobby box a little discount. Kudos to, and they get a shameless plug for the great service and coupons.

Does anyone else know they are getting cards for Christmas? I am so excited. I have to work the day after so I may do a box break Christmas night, and/or Saturday.

I'm debating on breaking the 3 free packs tonight, but I don't want to ruin the gift if someone noticed they were taped to one of the gifts... Who wants to see what's inside?


  1. You should probably open the packs now because all that extra weight stressing out the wrapping paper in this winter climate for the next several days could result in unimaginable chaos.

    One of my cats peeked, then told me that I'm getting a hobby box of 2008 Goudey cards for Krismas!

  2. Wow, you are as bad as I am with making things up to benefit opening or buying things, lol.

    I'll break them tomorrow. Scans and break will be posted.

  3. I never make it that far. I got two boxes of masterpieces football and one box of 07 finest basketball and they were all opened and sorted within the hour. I can't leave wax sealed

  4. I know I'm getting cards from my girlfriend for Xmas, but I don't know what... a few packs, I think? Certainly not $100 worth of stuff. Maybe next year!

    I also have a huge problem with not opening cards within seconds of them reaching my hands.

  5. It depends on the product, if I just pick up a couple of packs and they were just released, I open them in the store.

    Last year I had the bright idea of trying "a" pack of Bowman's Best at $20/pack. Let's just say I opened 2 packs and got air, leaving the "3 auto's per mini box" in the mini box, and ripped 3 more. That is the story of Sooz's first Cole Hamels auto as well since for $100, thats all I got.