December 8, 2008

Maddux officially retires

One of the few pitchers that didn't play for the Yankees that I actually enjoyed watching. Greg Maddux was a great pitcher and you always knew what you were getting when he was on the mound.

He made up that great pitching staff with the Atlanta Braves in the 1990's.

While Scott Boras announced the retirement of his player, media encircled the podium to ask his about every other client has except for Greg Maddux.

C'mon guys, at least give the guy a little of his due.

He's the first play in history to win the Cy Young four consecutive years (1992-1995) where he had a 75-29 record and an amazing 1.89 ERA. Really, that's sick.
Career record: 355-227
Career ERA: 3.16
Career strikeouts: 3,371

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  1. I just thought I'd say hello. I followed a link from White Sox Cards (he just completed a trade with you). I can't believe you've been posting about baseball cards for over a year and I never saw your blog before. Give me a read at Capewood's Collections or sometimes at Things Done To Cards if you like. I'll be adding you to my regular reading list.