December 23, 2008

Jeter Mail Day!

Just two days until Christmas, but I bought just a little something for myself to celebrate the fact that I finished my Christmas shopping about a month ago and I didn't have to deal with all the holiday traffic and bologna.

It's numbered 74/75. I really like these triple relics kind of cards. They look a little better than than just an itty, bitty piece of jersey.

Although, I do have a serious question about Jeter jersey cards. Most of his jersey cards are of the gray road jerseys. Why don't the card companies ever get good home jerseys? This isn't just for Jeter, but for all players.

Who wants plain old gray when you can get white with some kind of pinstripe. Even black is better than gray.

Anyway, since the boyfriend is not getting me cards from Christmas (the $2.99 Stadium Club blaster that is in my stocking doesn't count), I may just put this card in a little baggy under my tree and tell him Santa brought it to me for being such a good girl this year.

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