December 28, 2008

It's Official...

The holidays have finally sucked the rest of the life, and money right out of me. I have had it. I can't tell you the amount of people in the mall here the past 2 days, especially people with kids whining about needing ridiculous crap that they don't need. I watched one lady buy a kid, no more than maybe 12 a box of Topps Sterling after him saying he would love her forever. Really? Christmas was not even 24 hours ago at the time. $320 hobby box for a pack, for a kid who "Santa" just visited... I wouldn't even buy myself such a thing, much less have the nerve to ask for it. I feel weird asking for something more than $100 max from a relative of any sort.

OK, and while I am on this topic, there is no recession or lack of people interested in this hobby. Yesterday I watched a guy spend well over $1,000 on boxes of cards, mainly baseball and including 4 Sweet Spot boxes, 1 Triple Threads, Tri-Star Signa, Masterpieces, Legends, and some others I am forgetting. Today, another guy bought a bunch of stuff as well. Cards and memorabilia have been flying off the shelves, and yes they have all been on sale, but I hardly consider $400 for an auto'd helmet a steal. It really has been an interesting time to work in this industry, and see what people are actually interesting in and spending not online.

While I do like to waste money on things I know I shouldn't be buying, I could never see myself dropping $320 on a pack when that could pay health insurance or a car payment. A blaster here and there, and the occasional hobby box, sure. Splitting a case with Sooz for eBay, of course- anytime because I am waiting for us to pull a sweet looking Pujols auto (which will be in the pack Sooz opens, of course).

Sorry for the rant, but I thought some people may find that the local retail shops selling cards are not suffering which may be in part to the fact that there are really no local card shops left around here, and partly because it's Christmas-time. The hobby of card collecting is far from being in a recession, but I don't think it is recession proof as we both know from running a store of cards online.

Anyone else see anything interesting in the stores? Or know of any stories? Let me know, I will be with relatives all day tomorrow bored and checking the blog and internet all day from my phone.


  1. One thing I've noticed is that I've begun getting real silver coins in my change. I'd say this has been going on since around Thanksgiving.

    I'm not sure if it is any reflection of the economy, or if it indicates that some youngster has raided his/her father's coin collection.

    How is that a cardboard problem? I'm unsure... but it is interesting.

  2. Not a problem per se, but it does show that there are plenty of people who still care about this hobby and still have an addiction to cards. I've met some interesting people who have told me some stories about how much they buy, etc.

    I just thought some people might like to know that the hobby is still alive, maybe not as strong right now, but there are people out there buying.

  3. all I need to see is absolutely everyone still bidding on the things I want off the 'bay... either the recession hasn't hit the hobby yet, or my wants are recession proof.

  4. 'Buy it and I'll love you forever': That will be a verrry charming individual in grown-up form.

  5. I can tell you that wax on ebay hasn't dropped of a bit in the last two months. I think in a lot of ways it is easier to cut back on going out to eat, clothes, etc, than it is to cut back on cards etc. There are also many people that are not affected by the recession.