December 24, 2008

Sportlots dispute

I am trying to fulfill my Jeter checklist of wants. I went onto to find some of these for cheap and I found Jeter Retrospectrum for .60 cents each from one seller. I ordered about 20.

During the initial purchase, there was a glitch with the sportlots system and my order didn't go through properly and somehow extra cards were put into my cart when the problem was supposedly fixed.

I took the extra cards out, then paid through PayPal.

On Dec. 11, I get an email saying the order was fulfilled by the seller and I should receive the cards in 4 to 12 days.



Still waiting. I am not going to blame the seller for this one. When I went to Sportlots site, I find that the address that was given to the seller was the wrong one. It was my former address that I moved away from over a year ago.

When I went to the profile to see if I was the jackass that didn't update my profile, I see that the address in the profile is correct.

So how is it that the address is right in my profile, but somehow the seller gets the wrong one?

There are times when we, as collectors, hope for different places to shop than eBay and Beckett Marketplace.

I've ordered maybe twice from Sportlots, but this one transaction didn't go right from the start.

I'm curious how this issue is going to be resolved because I don't want to be out $20 because the website doesn't know how to transfer the right address to the seller.

Well, I heard from the customer service at Sportlots last night. Without going throug the entire email, I was pretty much told that without knowing what I did (I did nothing) there is no way to know why my order got screwed up. If I changed my profile after the order was placed, the new address wouldn't be used for the current order.

I didn't change my profile.

The customer service rep showed me a slip where it showed where the last five orders went. Four of the five went to my old address, including this one, and one went to the place where I am living now. So I wrote back and asked the rep, "How can one of my last orders go to the new address and this one go to the old address?"

By logical deducation, if an older order went to my newer address that means I changed my profile in the past and the new order should have reflected my new address.

The rep didn't write me back after that one. Before that he did write this:

Without knowing exactly what order things were done in the system, it's hard for me to tell for sure what happened. But for example, if you changed your address on your profile after you placed the order, then this is what would happen. When you change your address on your profile, the system doesn't go back and change the address for all of your previous orders. It has no way of knowing if you want to change those addresses or if you really wanted the old orders to go to those other addresses.

I am not even sure that was in English, but since I didn't change my profile after I placed my last order, this isn't even an option.

I filed a claim with PayPal since that is how I paid and explained to Paypal that despite my address being correct on the seller's site profile and in PayPal, the cards were still sent to the wrong place.

I don't know what the people at my old address are going to do with 20 Jeter Retrospectrum cards.

Update: As of 2 p.m. this afternoon, PayPal has refunded my money. That was quick.

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