December 17, 2008

Final Reponse from Upper Deck on QVC YSL Set

I have to admit, I have a really horrible habit of using "bad" words all the time. For the sake of a child or nun that may end up reading this I will refrain from saying what I would like to say to Upper Deck, as well as what I want to see them eat. Here is the final response that I got earlier, and the last time I will bother with this topic.

"Those memorabilia cards were exclusive to the QVC set. We were not given any information about those cards and what they contained so we cannot provide you any information that will be helpful currently for those cards. The broadcast said they could be an alex Rodriguez or Derek jeter. We cannot verify which player you received. Thank you

Upper deck"

Basically, they told me we don't have a freakin clue what went on, we certified these cards with our asses. Like Sooz said, "it could be Luigi the bat boy."


  1. That's garbage and it sucks they're being so ass-backwards about things. Was the actual base set different than the one you can buy at Target? I know those are blue-bordered.

  2. Honestly, I have the set from Target and I didn't open it. I only opened this one to see what players GU cards I got. Big waste that was. I'm sure it's the same set for the most part because I know card #1 is the same, but the QVC set has the AS Game and stuff so there are some different cards.

    I was waiting to open the Target set until I had a binder for it. Since I would rather keep adding to this mess, I buy cards and no binder. LOL

  3. The cards in the QVC set have a white broder except for card #1, which is Babe Ruth's jersey or something.

  4. It's white bordered? If you decide to bust one of the QVC sets up, I'd love to work something out for the Pettittes.

    I am shameless.

  5. Check out this link.

    That's what the cards look like.

  6. Pretty much the same, although the white borders are pretty sharp. If you want to dump the Pettittes, you have a friend in me, although it sucks you got hosed like that.

  7. Customer Service as become such an oxymoron.