December 24, 2008

Christmas Gifts

I know I promised you all a pack break blog, but it's 2:45am and I just finished wrapping my few presents after a day filled with errand running and cookie baking (not from scratch, I'm not that motivated). I was planning on breaking some 07 UD Elements, but we needed to get food and all kinds of junk for tomorrow and Christmas day.

I have discovered that when you have little to no money, wrapping presents is a breeze because there aren't many. Oddly enough, the 2 people who got the most presents from me, are also the only two people I purchased cards for. Neither are my parents, which makes me seem a little goofy perhaps. I tend to get carried away with some people because you are out shopping and you see something, and if it's only a few dollars, you are like, "ohhh, a present topper", but then when you buy like 5 of those you look like me- someone who went overboard. I'm not sure if it counts when I also purchased the same things for myself?

My mom was wrapping the last of her presents today and said to me that Christmas has gotten way out of control for most people. It seems like every year people get more and more, and get more carried away trying to "out-do" the year before. When my parents were younger they got like one or two presents and that was it. They didn't get to buy things everyday like we do now. So it seems as though a lot of people from her generation tend to spoil their kids and or grandkids (which she does not have thank God).

In light of carried away, and what not, I purchased a random rack pack from Target of 08 Heritage High Series, and in the pack I pulled TWO Brian Burres cards. Thanks Topps. I also got a Chrome Mike Napoli, and then the rest was air. I'll scan it later, I'm too tired.

Tomorrow after all the eating, and when my pants finally pop open, I will park myself back here and break some packs after I tell you all about the many surprises I got in the mail. Sooz is coming over on Christmas so perhaps we will have some sort of card related story for all of you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!

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