December 24, 2008

Christmas Came Early from The Pettitte Pursuit

Yesterday I finally made it out to my P.O. Box after about a week hiatus. It was more than well worth the wait of what was in there. They handed me the yellow card, only this is the best at the post office because it's not a penalty, but a package too big to fit inside the mailbox.

The package was from Eric over at The Pettitte Pursuit and was sent to me for no reason other than a simple 'Happy Holidays' surprise. Holy smokes was this ginormous! I ripped the package open as soon as I walked into the house to find, not only tons of cards, but a Trivia Game given away at Yankee Stadium over the summer. Eric had two of them and thought I might enjoy one, which was very kind of him.

Now the cards... Oh boy! There were 35(!) Yankee Stadium Legacy cards, which is superb and extremely generous of him.

Now as if that wasn't enough to have made my day all on it's own, there was a 2008 Albert Pujols Sweet Spot base card, which I know I will never pull since I just don't get his cards on my own.

There were a ton of other cards in the package:

- 2008 Topps Finest Joba Chamberlain

- 2008 Topps Finest Topps Team Favorites Melky Cabrera & Robinson Cano

- 2008 SP Authentic Joba Chamberlain

- 2008 Topps Co-Signers Joba Chamberlain

- 2008 Bowman Chrome Robinson Cano

Believe me when I tell you there were more cards, some Hughes, Chamberlain, and Cano cards, but it's Christmas Eve and I want to go hang out with my family. I could spend the day scanning and writing cards.

A tremendous thanks to Eric of The Pettitte Pursuit for his generosity and thoughts at the holidays. I hope everyone is enjoying their day, whatever you are doing.

P.S. More of my mail day will be posted later.

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