December 19, 2008

Can I Open Just One Pack?

I went to work a little bit early today to make sure I could purchase 2 things. One was the prize for the trivia, and the other was a Christmas gift from my unsuspecting uncle.

My uncle gave me a $50 bill and told me I had to buy something that came in a box and could be wrapped with a bow, meaning I couldn't use it to go out or drink 20 cups of coffee at Starbucks. He probably won't be surprised or happy about what I picked, but it's my gift. I grabbed a hobby box of 2008 UD Timeline (despite me wanting to kick their customer service team in the teeth), and am hopeful I got something decent under those wrappers.

While grabbing Steve's prize, I thought why not grab some snow day fun and get a few for myself. (Idiot.) I am trying very hard not to open one, but I am pretty sure I won't make it to the end of this blog without cracking it.

Is anyone else's family sick of buying them baseball cards for Christmas or is it just mine?

Ohhh--- Sneak preview, starting the 19th (today), all retired players autos in BC Sports are 40% off, and NFL Authentic jersey are 50% off as well as all holiday merchandise.

Oooouuchhhhh.... stop twisting my arm to open one pack, I'm goin, I'm goin.

OK, I got a Yankee Stadium Legacy card, and the rest of the pack was air. The gold card was Miguel Cabrera. No Yankees, no Pujols = AIR.

I wish I could get excited about cards in this set, but I just really don't care. They are decent looking cards, but I just want to get rid of most of them. I have lots of Cubbies if anyone collects them out there.


  1. Charlie from Hawk to the Hall is a Cubs collector, and a terrific guy, too. Look him up for a trade - he's awesome.

  2. Thanks Eric! I will send him an e-mail tomorrow.