December 30, 2008

2008 Sweet Spot Hobby Box Break #2

Long story short, I somehow acquired a second box. With the exception of the card that made the whole thing worth it 10 times over, tell me if this box break looks familiar.

Pack One:

- Derek Jeter (yay)
- Jose Reyes
- Russell Martin (yay)
- Sweet Swatch Memorabilia Ron Guidry

- Aaron Rowand
- Scott Rolen
- Joba Chamberlain (yay)
- YSL Ron Guidry

(Nice pack for a Yankee fan that's for sure.)

Pack Two:

- Manny Ramirez
- Alex Rodriguez (yay)
- Troy Tulowitzki (yay)
- Sweet Swatch Triple Memorabilia Pedro Martinez/Trevor Hoffman/Randy Johnson

- B.J. Upton
- Felix Hernandez
- Justin Verlander
- YSL Dave Winfield

Pack Three:

- Trevor Hoffman
- David Wright
- Jonathan Papelbon
- Sweet Swatch Dual Memorabilia Travis Hafner & Justin Morneau (yes, no joke. at least Morneau's swatch is an away jersey in this one... snarl)
- Aaron Harang
- Vernon Wells
- Dontrelle Willis
- YSL David Wells

Pack Four:

- Jonathan Papelbon (x2)
- Roy Oswalt
- Chase Utley
- Sweet Swatch Memorabilia Miguel Cabrera (yes, really. only difference is the material texture.)

- Derek Jeter (x2)(yay for Sooz)
- Johan Santana
- Rich Harden
- YSL Tommy John

Pack Five a.k.a. The Mother Pack:

- Jose Reyes (x2)
- Russell Martin (x2)
- Chipper Jones
- Sweet Spot Signatures Bat KEN GRIFFEY JR. 190/230 (holy schnikeys!!)

- Albert Pujols
- Torii Hunter
- Dan Uggla
- YSL Don Mattingly

Pack Six this was Tin Pack:

- Jeff Francoeur
- Nick Markakis
- Brandon Webb
- Sweet Swatch Memorabilia Felix Hernandez (uh huh... at least it's gray? wtf)

- Carlos Beltran
- Ichiro
- Michael Young
- YSL Willie Randolph

Yes, please tell me how I rarely purchase or obtain something this pricey and for once end up with 2 boxes that have virtually all the same cards? Not to mention I only got one autograph card. I'm not being greedy here, but I mean really I could have done without one of the THREE I already had, and got one autograph. But then again, it probably would have been a Brian Bixler autograph.

I did purchase them from the same store, but shouldn't there have been some variety to the case they were in? I am not even going to bother writing to Upper Deck because I am pretty sure I am going to get absolutely no where with that complaint.

At any rate, how about the Griffey Jr. card?!! I am super happy about that one and plan to hold onto it for a while, or until someone comments that they have a nice Pujols Sweet Spot auto to trade me for it... Overall, if we forget that I already had 3 of the GU cards, I did get 5 players that I collect, 6 if you count the Pujols that I now have 3 of.

If anyone has a Phil Hughes from this set please send it my way and I'll get you something you need.


  1. Hello girls! I just started reading a few weeks ago and haven't gotten to every post yet. I'm just wondering if you have talked about the fact that there are absolutely ZERO Derek Jeter autos in 2008 Sweet Spot. Doesn't this seem a conspicuous absence from one of UD's most anticipated products?

    Also, have you seen this obviously forged, moronic attrocity?

  2. Oh that's bad. He writes that he has never seen a card like this before ... no kidding.

    Poor Matt Jemp now only has /249 cards in the Sweet Spot.

    I didn't notice that Jeter had no auto in the series. I have a bad habit of not looking at checklists and just assuming that he is in there.

  3. That was the worst looking Sweet Spot "thing" I have ever seen. Not for nothing, but anyone who knows Jeter, well knows of, would more than likely know that Jeter would never say, "Yankees 4 Life" much less spell it out in that fashion. Way to make Jeter look like a thug, and your auto more pathetic dude.

    I really wish I had seen this when the auction was going on because I definitely would have posted this.

  4. Has anyone gotten a "Mystery Redemption Card" I got one the other day and was just wondering what I might get. I can't believe that it takes 3-4 months for it to come, what's up with that??