December 13, 2008

2008 Stadium Club Blaster Break

Thank God this was only $3.20 with tax because that is all this whole blaster was worth to me. I'm just going to list the 1st day Issue cards I got because there was no Pujols or Jeter. So here goes:

6 Granderson
9 Soriano
15 Gordon
63 Youkilis
75 Howard
87 Rollins
133 Hu RC
144 Ruggiano RC


  1. I pulled an extra Pujols that I'm going to send to you if you still need it after you've either punted or Target corrects their issue.

    This is a tough set to build. After 14 blasters, I still need a third of the regular base cards numbered under 100.

    And I can't seem to figure out the rookies and their variations. I thought their would be one normal rookie, and a variation, but only the normal would also have a 1st day issue- but that obviously isn't the case at all.

  2. shoot me an email about a trade for the Pujols, I have some double and triples of some cards that you might need.

    thanks for hanging on to that for me, I appreciate it.

  3. 4 blasters in and I have yet to get a Pujols card, either. My girlfriend has opened at least two and she hasn't found one yet. I'm also lacking a Mitchell Boggs card (both variations) - Cardinals cards are all I care about, really. Thanks for the tip about the $2.99 blasters, though.

  4. No problem madding, wish I could find another one or two for myself but they are no where to be found.