December 30, 2008

2008 Ballpark Collection Albert Pujols

This is the latest addition to my Albert Pujols collection:

I like this card for several reasons, the first and most obvious is because it adds another card to my Pujols collection. I also like this card because Pat Burrell is on it, and I have taken a recent interest in him. The final reason is that I paid a whole $4.25 for it, yay for eBay!

I have 6 Ballpark Collection Pujols cards now, and there are about 40 something floating around. I figure I will pick up one here and there, and I am going to concentrate on the dual and quad jersey cards because the others are out of my price range.

Have any from this set? Let me know, maybe we can work out a trade.


  1. I got a spectrum dual swatches pujols jeter 45/99 for a griffey jr auto if you're interested.

  2. sorry. no auto. but a nice card to have for your collection or maybe your partner will like to trade. it's both pujols and jeter jersey