December 25, 2008

2007 UD Elements Break

I decided to have some fun and break the free packs of 07 UD Elements from Dave & Adam's tonight since everyone passed out already, and if I opened stuff it means I won't continue to keep eating cookies. I have a real addiction to cookies, it's my kryptonite.

Pack One (The Cal Ripken Pack):

- Albert Pujols !!! (First card I see, yet I already had it =/)
- Troy Tulowitzki Rookie Elements 488/550 (sweet!)
- David Wright

Pack Two (The Derek Jeter Pack):

- Lance Berkman
- Rafael Furcal
- Mark Teahen

Pack Three (The Ken Griffey, Jr. Pack):

- Johan Santana

- Lance Berkman Rare Elements Authentic Dual Patches 26/35 (black & 4 color)

More than happy with my free packs, hopefully the stuff I am getting for Christmas has some cool things to post.

I really had fun with these 3 packs, and I think they are pretty cool. They are even cooler than normal because they were free!


  1. Gorgeous Berkman card, and I need to find something to trade you for it. :D

  2. Although I don't collect Berkman, I really like this card. I don't plan on selling it right away so please e-mail me if you have something to trade for it.

  3. Wish I had something to trade you for the Berkman patch, Stros are my team!