November 20, 2008

Limited Edition Yankee Stadium Legacy Set

So.... we got hosed. $38.74 for 100 cards and 2 game-used jersey cards of no one specific. If I could choke someone at Upper Deck, I might. Don't get me wrong, the cards are nice looking, but they are not in chronological order which annoys me. We pre-ordered these 2 months ago, and waited... for what? We waited for 100 cards that are in no specific order, first card being Babe Ruth (which is the exact same card from the YSL blaster you can buy at Target for $19.99), and ends with card 100 the 1951 World Series. Figure that one out.

The game-used cards are an insult to card collectors. They lead you to believe that you could pull various Yankee game-used cards, and send you a blank card essentially with a swatch of a jersey that means absolutely nothing at all. I am going to post the description of this item so you can see what you might have expected had you placed an order for this product. It is serial numbered /53540.

My advice: save your money. (What do I know about that? Nothing.)

Here are the pictures and description of this set courtesy of

Be one of the few to own a piece of The Final Season of the vaunted Yankee Stadium with this Limited Edition card set, featuring great moments and great players from the team's history. It captures all the mystique and aura of Baseball's Cathedral in game-used memorabilia and images from its opening in 1923 to the final season and final regular season home game in 2008. The New York Yankees are the most successful team ever in sports, with 26 World Series titles--all of them won after this national landmark was built.

Grand slam set. If you're a baseball fan, this collection is the ultimate catch. Officially licensed by MLB and the Yankees, it is individually numbered and exclusive to QVC--it has never, and will never be, offered for sale anywhere else.

Two game-used cards. One card holds an actual uniform swatch, and the other a piece of a bat--both used at the stadium by a Yankee superstar like Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mike Mussina, Andy Pettitte, or Mariano Rivera.

All-Star lineup. This is the first set with cards from the 2008 All-Star Game, the fourth and final one to be played at the stadium. You'll own exclusive cards from this historic matchup.

Final game. The set contains cards featuring photos and commentary from the last regular season game ever played at Yankee Stadium, on September 21, 2008. This is the only 2008 trading card set with photos of the final game in the Bronx!

Pinstripes past and present. All-time legends forever commemorated on cardboard include Reggie Jackson, Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford, Phil Rizzuto, Goose Gossage, Roger Maris, Sparky Lyle, Don Larsen, Red Ruffing, Wally Pipp, and more. Recent top Bombers include Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Don Mattingly, Andy Pettitte, Roger Clemens, David Wells, Tino Martinez, Bernie Williams, and more.

If you must say good-bye to Yankee Stadium, make it a walk-off homer with this must-have memento. From Upper Deck.

* Includes 102 cards (100 regular photo cards and two game-used cards)
* Five cards commemorate the Greatest Yankee Teams Ever
* Officially licensed by Major League Baseball, Major League Baseball Players Association, and New York Yankees
* Limited Edition to what is sold between today through the last home game of the regular season, scheduled for 9/21/08
* Manufacturer's Certificate of Authenticity on game-used cards; individually numbered
* Pinstriped collector's box
* Made in USA

Please feel free to comment if you ordered this same set, or think that I'm off my hinges for being kind of annoyed at Upper Deck.


  1. That's pretty deceptive. I wonder if the BBB would be interested in such deceptive practices.

  2. I actually bought two of these boxes because I was hoping for a good hit (aka Jeter GU) and when I opened the first, I couldn't even tell you how disappointed I was in it.

    There is no doubt I will be returning the second one. I can't even think about selling it because I feel like I would be selling it in bad faith.

  3. I also bought more than one set with the intention of pulling the game-used cards or selling them, but the rest are getting returned.

    I wrote a letter to Upper Deck complaining about the quality and told them I was embarrassed for them.

    QVC also got a bad review of the product, I don't really blame them because they just advertised what Upper Deck told them.

  4. After seeing the Yankee Stadium Legacy regular set I was also hopeful that the final season LE set would be truly an awesome set but after reading this I am greatly disappointed myself. On the other hand sometimes Upper Deck pulls off some great sets maybe Upper Deck will send out a list of the GU cards in this set and we will be surprised. (I Hope) All we can do now is either send them back or hold them and hope UD will startle us with a great GU item in certain sets. But as for right now I a with the rest of you very disappointed.

  5. yeah i just got this for xmas and its alright but i mean wtf you want to tell me whose jersey and bat i got i mean really thanks for nothing u get this "game used" stuff in the team store or something?

  6. I just recently sent Upper Deck an Email questioning the reasoning for no names on the GU cards and asked a few simple questions the only thing I have gotten in return is the auto response saying they will answer my email within 24-48 hrs. That was 3 weeks ago. Upper Deck is really upsetting me I know it's Christmas time but not even enough time to say we're sorry. That is just leading me to believe they are all about the money and don't give a rats butt about the consumer anymore. While I should send the cards back or something I just can't get rid of them. Ebay has sold a few for some a decent profit some not so much I afraid the news is out about the set and nobody wants them. I probably just wasted my money on 2 of them. As I am sure a lot of did. We should boycott them but over a rinky dinky set. I spent good money along with the rest of yall. That is about 2,138,923.00 dollars. Maybe the boycott sounds better knowing that they cheated us out of that much money. For the game used cards that is 53,540 GU cards we got screwed on this deal we should all give complaints on this set. The consumers should have a voice on the quality of the products we have wasted our hard earned money on and on this set that is really what we have done wasted our money. Lets all get together and voice our opinions over and over to Upper Deck maybe we will get there attention if we can all stick together and complain on this one thing.

  7. Most of the complaints seem to be about the lack of resale value of the about just being a fan and enjoying the cards for yourself. Buy a nice binder and display them. I was just as disappointed as the rest of you for the non-descript game-used cards but I am still happy to own a piece of Yankee history...ANY piece. Even if I pulled a Babe Ruth game-used item I wouldn't be selling it anyway. Why don't you all try just looking at the cards and appreciating them for what they are; a representation of Yankee history.

  8. You're missing the point dude. I wasn't going to resell them, but why should I pay for something that has no meaning behind it? I want to know what I paid for, not just a jersey off a rack at Modells. I could make my own "game-used" card for that matter.

  9. I received these as a gift. Why wasn't Thurmon Munson included????