November 19, 2008

I had some free time

With me, free time can be a dangerous thing. Usually, it means I end up in Atlantic City at a poker table somewhere.

This time I made a little deal with myself. I was allowed to go play poker, but only if I put up the cards that have been sitting on my desk in penny sleeves, waiting to find a home. These baseball cards need to be loved and, frankly, I can't give them the love that they need.

So I finally got some work done and managed to list about 80 or so cards on the Bay.

I put up my 2008 Stadium Club, although, I haven't listed the Gary Sheffield Team Beam autograph numbered to 99, yet. That is probably gonna go up tonight.

A Manny Ramirez 1st Day Issue, numbered to 599 will also make it up tonight. I have the card scanned, it's just a matter of putting the auctions up.

I also managed to get up the 2008 Timeline base cards. I haven't put up the variations yet, but Marie has hers up. There are a nice assortment of cards up there. However, also missing is my Brandon Boggs auto #'d to 99.

And, I listed some numbered UD Baseball Heroes cards that I have had since the summer. This is what happens when an entire month of your life is consumed by the Philadelphia Phillies.

As a little bonus, I thought I would head over to KMart to see if mine had the same deal Marie's had. No.

But I did end up with three packs of cards (1 SP Authentic, 2 UDX) and got three YSL cards. That should thrill Marie, however, one was a Jeter. Yay for me.

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