November 25, 2008

First Trade of the Blog

Drumroll please....... (this is where you all make the sound in your head for me)

The first trade of the blog has been made. Eric and I completed a pretty massive trade, of which I think we are both making out really good. I got what I think is close to or over 100, yes 100, Yankee Stadium Legacy cards and a Joba Chrome TCH for sending Eric lots of 2008 Moments & Milestones of Pettitte and Posada, a bunch of 2007 Moments & Milestones of Clemens including some black ones, and whatever cards I had that he needed for his collection of the Yankees he is working on.

I haven't logged all the cards into Beckett yet, but this will definitely put me over 600 cards for the set. One day, I will have all of them but for now I wish I could get the first 20 or so filled in to attempt putting them into a binder. Actually, that would end up being alot of binders, so maybe not.

I am very pleased, and this was a really fun experience especially after getting burned on the BMB once and never bothering again. I encourage people to write to us or leave us comments if you want to trade, you know what we like.

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