November 4, 2008

2008 Masterpieces Albert Pujols & Derek Jeter

Well, short print is an understatement to say the least about these two guys. 16 box case yielded 2 of each Pujols and Jeter. Pujols did not appear until 5 boxes into the case, if you were wondering how long I was tortured for. I have to say it's rather aggravating how the two players we collect religiously are always so damn hard to pull, I won't even get into the expense.

We do have plenty of complete base sets of cards 1-90, and can probably put together a team set or two of each team if anyone is interested. Complete sets are for sale on eBay, and the team sets right now will be by request. I am still working on listing individual cards, which I will hopefully finish tomorrow.

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