October 22, 2008

Evan Longoria Article from Upper Deck

This article was taken from Upper Deck's website. I thought some readers might like to check this out, especially with the World Series coming up.

Evan Longoria Cements His Place as the Hobby’s Rookie of the Year

Baseball fans rush to add Upper Deck rookie cards of Tampa Bay’s third baseman to their collections

North Las Vegas, NV (October 20, 2008) – The Tampa Bay Rays do not have a long history of baseball success or memorable moments. They do however have a blossoming long-ball hitter who is helping to create certain history and deliver some special moments to the “Sunshine State.” Rookies are not supposed to help lead their team to the World Series, but that’s just what Evan Longoria has done for Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay has long been a football town, but ever since the Rays dropped the “Devil” from their name and pulled the tarp off the upper deck seats at Tropicana Field to accommodate bigger crowds, it’s clear: Evan Longoria is helping make it a baseball town. He’s the odds-on favorite to win the A.L. Rookie of the Year award, he’s shattering records in the postseason and he’s got the baseball makeup to be a perennial MVP candidate. Upper Deck is proud to deliver a wide array of rookie card offerings of Longoria to satisfy the needs of every level of collector.

“Although we are not at the level yet where people grew up cheering for the Rays, Evan Longoria is the type of player everyone can cheer for,” said Gabriel Garcia, Upper Deck’s Baseball associate brand manager. “The Upper Deck Baseball team has really enjoyed watching him this season so we put together the top ten rookie cards of Longoria for 2008. There are cards for every level of collector, but they are all in high demand because of his on-field performance. Pick them up today while you still can!”

#10 – 2008 Upper Deck X – Card #94 – Currently available in the market

Background – This card shows Longoria doing what he does best, watching one of his balls sail over the fence. This is a great rookie card of Longoria to own at a lower price.

#9 – 2008 Upper Deck Goudey – Card #200 – Currently available in the market

Background – There is actually an uncorrected error on the base version of this card where it indicates “Ken Griffey Jr. says…” instead of “Derek Jeter says…” On the more rare mini-versions of the card, the type is correct. The Goudey set has been very popular so this is a great card to start off your Longoria set with.

#8 – 2008 Upper Deck Masterpiece – Card #7 – Currently available in the market

Background – These cards are all produced on a canvas type paper stock and seem to have an insert card type feel to them. This is a great painted image of the slugger stretching out before an at bat. There are a variety of rare versions with different colored borders including the “Pinot Red” version which is limited to just one copy.

#7 – 2008 Upper Deck Timelines 2004 Timeless Teams Design – Card #303 – Available November 4, 2008

Background – The new Upper Deck Timelines brand is unique in that it features today’s players in some of the most popular designs from the past. This card is sure to be one that collectors will be looking for when it hits the market next month given the popularity of the Timeless Teams set.

#6 – 2008 SPx – Card #148 – Currently available in the market

Background – These cards were offered through the 2008 SPx Mystery Rookie Redemption Program. Evan was card RR3 in the program and collectors who found and registered that card will receive this special autographed rookie card.

#5 – 2008 Upper Deck Timelines 1993 SP Design – Card #311 – Available November 4, 2008

Background – The 1993 SP design is a favorite with collectors so it’s safe to speculate that this card will be on the “Must Have” list for plenty of them.

#4 – 2008 Upper Deck Sweet Spot – Card #121 – Available December 23, 2008

Background – The 2008 Sweet Spot product will be back with a lower price point this holiday season. The "Sweet Beginnings" rookie cards are always popular since they are not only very limited, but also autographed.

#3 – 2008 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection – Card #121 – Currently available in the market

Background – This higher-end rookie card has a classy look and also Evan’s signature. They are tougher to find, but they are certainly worth looking for.

#2 – 2008 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection – Card #101 – Available December 30, 2008

Background – The Ultimate Collection brand is very high-end and this rookie card proves it. This limited-edition card will have a huge jersey swatch that Evan Longoria will actually sign making it the type of card for the collector who has them all.

#1 – 2008 SP Authentic – Card #121 – Available in the market

Background – This is the first year 2008 SP Authentic rookie cards have included a jersey swatch. This limited-edition, autograph jersey card is definitely the Evan Longoria rookie card that every collector is hoping to add to their collection this year. SP Authentic rookie cards tend to be some of the most valuable and sought after cards each year and this one will be no different.

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