October 19, 2008

2008 UD Masterpieces Boxes 1 & 2

So despite the fact that Sooz is super busy with work we found a way to start cracking these bad boys open. We opened 2 boxes last night and they weren't too bad, however there was no Pujols base card in either box- not that I'm surprised.

Here is what we did get:
- Stroke of Genius Auto of Noah Lowry
- Captured on Canvas Dual GU Jersey & Auto of Chad Billingsley (wish we got that a week ago)
- Captured on Canvas GU Jersey of Ryan Braun
- Captured on Canvas GU Jersey of Freddy Sanchez
- Green Bordered Luke Hochevar RC sn 59/75
- Brown Bordered Alfonso Soriano sn 002/200
- Red Bordered Willie Stargell & Greg Maddux
- 8 Yankee Stadium Legacy cards (hooray)
- Plenty of Black Bordered cards as well.

Here are some scans:

I will post more breaks as we get through the case. If the Rays win, there will be box breaks tonight. If the Sox (curses, snarls, growls) win, there will be box breaks tomorrow. All of the inserts are on eBay right now, except the YSL cards.

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