September 21, 2008

October Baseball

Sadly for Yankee fans this is something we are not used to. We don't remember what it is like to end the season on a day in September where it could be warm enough to even wear shorts. We are used to gearing up in layers to go sit in the most perfect place to watch a playoff game, Yankee Stadium. Tomorrow for those of us attending the game, that will be our playoff game. One last memory to take away.

I have to be honest, I am sad and angry. Sad because the Stadium (yes, it gets capitalized.) is closing and the season is ending in September, and angry because there will not be another game played there again. If you have never been to Yankee Stadium it's probably hard to understand. You need to have felt the Stadium when it is pack to capacity in October, and it's cold, and everyone is chanting in unison taunting those awful Red Sox. 54,000 people chanting Schhhiiiiiiiiiillliiiiiing for innings, is just insane. Heck, it doesn't even have to be October. How about chanting "Bernie Williams" for nine innings the last regular season game as a proper send-off? I lost my voice the next day from that one, and it was well worth it.

That's all I have for right now. I was just pondering some of the random thoughts that were going through my head right now. Sharing them with you. If you want to comment or share a story feel free. Anyone with a story to share will get a discount in our store. Nothing to lose here, shout it out. I will try and stop by tomorrow to post some pictures from the game and let you know how I felt about it all.

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