September 14, 2008

My host company must hate me. I have called them several times in the past 2 days to try and get things fixed and to ask questions. They may give me a refund and tell me to take a hike. At any rate, I did teach myself a little bit of the Dreamweaver program to make the site a little nicer than it was. I obviously have a lot to learn if you take a peek at it, but at least it no longer has all the cheesy ads and the background and layout look better.

We are working hard to try and fill the site with content that is relevant to the industry, as well as with products to purchase. This may not happen right away, but we are hopeful that within the next few months it will draw more traffic. If anyone has any ideas of cool things we should try and implement please, by all means let us know.

I went to Target yesterday and picked up 2 packs of 2008 Goudey (no, the case and Hobby boxes were not enough) and I pulled a Grady Sizemore GU Jersey, and a Roger Maris Yankee Stadium Legacy, win win. The day before I grabbed one pack and pulled a Trevor Hoffman GU Jersey (not a fan, but whatever).

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