July 7, 2008

A Fun Article from Beckett

While searching for some info on a Michael Jordan RC, I stumbled upon this interesting little blurb that made me laugh. It's from Beckett Grading, in 2006.

Top 10 Signs You May Have a Card Problem

Have cards taken over your life? Does your family fear for your well-being? We probably have all been accused of being a card geek but just how bad is it? Here are 10 signs that you may have a real card problem.

10. You have planned a vacation around a card show
9. Your 10 "best friends" are people you trade with on-line that you have never met.
8. You can make furniture out of the 5,000 ct. boxes stacked in your living room.
7. You are on a first name basis with not only your mail carrier but also your UPS driver… and his replacement on sick days.
6. Your eye doctor asks you if you spend an abnormal amount of time looking at objects through a magnifying lens.
5. While in the checkout line you see the packs of cards and think to yourself that there is an actual chance you could pay for all of your groceries with just one good pull.
4. You have pictures of your biggest pulls on your desk at work.
3. When printing out a map for travel out of town, you plot the card shops along the route.
2. You know somewhere right now, there is a yard sale where a 94 year old lady is selling a "cigar box of old picture cards" for a nickel and you could have been there but your job keeps getting in the way of your card collection.
1. You still buy packs of cards.

If any of these apply to you, you do in fact have a problem. There is no cure and it only gets worse. One pack turns into a few packs that turn into a box that turns into several boxes. Embrace your geek and enjoy your hobby.

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