June 10, 2008

I think I Really Do Have A Problem

I was scouring the Beckett message board and came across the official Derek Jeter thread and was instantly annoyed because I can't afford to go out and get these great cards. As I looked through the thread, I was getting more and more jealous (yeah, that's the right word). Then, I see someone pulled a Jeter/Chamberlain dual jersey card /99 out of a Spectrum blaster.

At that moment, I got up, went to KMart and bought a UD Series 2 blaster. I ended up with an Ultra Rare ARod starquest and a Melky Cabrera GU jersey. Not bad, but then I realized if insead of getting all of these blasters, I could have bought the card I wanted and saved my money. I could add to my Jeter collection and make it great instead of hoping to get a steal.

Hopefully, I learn my lesson one day.

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