June 1, 2008

A Cardboard Reprieve

I've been doing well with collections. I've added a few Kouzmanoff cards and my collection is up to 110 cards now. And, I'm approaching a milestone. I have 938 Jeter cards. 1,000 is so close.

However, yesterday I needed a little break from those cards and I went and bought an Upper Deck Series 2 blaster. I actually enjoyed this one, which means I can't buy anymore because I know I will be disappointed.

I didn't get a single Yankee base card, however, I did two Jeter starquests, a common and uncommon, as well as a Jeter hit brigade insert. That was fun. The jersey card was Ray Durham, whom I have already forgotten about. I got two YSLs (Pettitte, Clemens), which will be going to Covered in Wrappers. She needs them more than I do. I just want to get all the Jeter YSL. It's not looking too good right now. I have two of the 50ish.

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