June 18, 2008

2008 SP Legendary Cuts Box Break

I don't have any scans, but I will tell you what I got.


Just kidding. It was a decent box, nothing great. One card pretty much saved the whole thing, but I won't tell you yet.

I got plenty of base cards, six YSL, which all went to Coverered in Wrappers, a Greg Maddux GU jersey, Hanley Ramirez GU jersey, a Bobby Doeer (Boston Red Sox) bat card numbered to /35 and ....

A Derek Jeter/Reggie Jackson dual jersey Generations card. I am going for all of the Jeter dual jersey cards in the set and I have only seen one of these on eBay, so it made me happy to pull it. Granted it wasn't worth the price of the box, but I am happy nevertheless.

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