June 7, 2008

2008 Bowman Jumbo Box Break

Well, I gave in. Frankly, the only box that could make me do it is the Bowman. So, I opted for the Jumbo. Here are the highlights:

The best card was a Gerardo Parra Gold Chrome Refractor # 46/50. I also got a refractor of his /599.

Easily the dumbest cards were the scout cards. I don't really care about these guys. Cool jobs, they have found excellent players. However, there is a reason there are baseball cards of players and not scouts. No one cares. This mystery Bowman Scout one is even dumber.

The Signs of the Future card was Astros' prospect Mitch Einerstson.

I also received two Chrome refractors and an xfractor of no one special. I got many of the base cards, but no Jeter. I know it always works out that way. However, it's cool because I bought a Jeter base card off Beckett earlier in a lot of cards. I suspected I wouldn't get his card anyway.

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